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RV Motorhome Steps

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RV Motorhome Steps

RV motorhome step repair and maintenance are essential duties that owners should perform to keep their rig in tip-top shape and, most importantly, safe. Like all things mechanical, there will come a time when an RV step repair on your motorhome or travel trailer will be necessary.

Preventative maintenance is always what you want to perform. This type of upkeep can be planned and is certainly preferable and will help you avoid potential breakdowns. But, there are always the RV step repairs that are required due to part failure, near failure, or accidental damage.

You will find this feature on many RVs and Travel Trailers.

RV Retractable Stair Replacement Options

Kwikee Retractable 24″ Wide Double Step with Motor & Control Unit

For an RV repair on your retractable step and motor, the Retractable 24″ wide Double Step with Motor (Kwikee 903209025) is the exact top-of-the-line replacement you need. The stairs feature non-skid steps with under-step lighting. Additionally, they have a safety feature that will automatically stop the stairs if a step strikes an obstacle.

Additional Product Replacement Information:

  • Clearance from mounting surface to ground, 19-28.”
  • Black, powder-coated finish
  • Non-skid tread surface
  • Safely supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Choose electronic or operator control.
  • Electronic control repair and replacement:
  • The door switch extends the step when the door is opened and retracts the step when the door is closed.
  • A power switch locks the step in an extended position.
  • The ignition override retracts the step when the ignition is turned on.
  • A “Last” out” feature extends the step when the door is opened.
  • A self-centering rocker switch, when manually operated, extends or retracts the step.

Kwikee 32 Series Step (Frame Only)

The Step Frame for Kwikee 32 Series by Lippert Components replaces a Kwikee 32 Series step.

To point out, this is a frame only.

  • Note: This is Kwikee Part Number 908032000
  • Motor not included
  • Control Switch not included.
  • Supports up to 300 poundsStair Motor Only for Double Step RV Repair

Stair Motor Motor Only for Double Step RV Repair

Lippert Components 1101428 Motor Only for Double Step

  • Designed to help the step automatically retract and extend when the coach door is opened and closed.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • The motor will automatically shut down if the step strikes an obstacle
  • Weatherproof wiring and connectors prevent shorts and corrosion in the system
  • Includes motor and screws only
  • Interchangeable with Kwikee part number 1101428
  • 214-1001 motor

Kwikee 9510 Control for IMGL/9510 Step Control

Kwikee Step Controller
  • The Kwikee 9510 Control for IMGL (Integrated Motor Gear Box Linkage)/9510 Step Control Unit is designed to be used with the magnetic door switches (normally closed).
  • This is Kwikee Part Number 909510000
  • The control unit was designed to replace the control unit on IMGL step units that were manufactured from 2006 to present

Wrap Up

As time goes on and you become more familiar with your RV, you will be able to spot issues that need your attention. The key is to address the issues early and take steps to correct any problem parts before they fail and leave you to deal with them while camping or, even worse, leave you stranded on the side of the road.

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